Alessandra Giuntini

Alessandra Giuntini was born in Pistoia, Italy in 1982. She studied at the Art Lyceum LB Alebrti and simultaneously trained at the “La limonaia” and “Mascarad” theatre studios in Florence. After graduating she moved to Milan where she studied at the Ariberto theater with Vito Molinari. She was later part of the theater group «Anima nera» with Aldo Cassano. She continued her theatrical journey to St. Petersburg where she graduated in 2011 from the Theatre Academy with honors in acting and directing. She studied under Venyamin Filshtinsky,



“ Bashmachkin” Y. Bogoslavskij, North Dramma Norilsk, Russia

 “The Shrew” (based on the play by W.Shakespeare “The Taming of the Shrew”), state theatre of Kurgan, Russia

“ The coffè Shop” C. Goldoni, state theatre of Kemerovo, Russia

“ Green Bird” C. Gozzi, Theatre of Youth, Krasnoyarsk, Russia


“ Mamma Roma” P.P. Pasolini, state theatre of Omsk, Russia

“ The Road” F. Fellini, Theatre of Youth, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

“ Our Class” T. Slobodyanin, State Theatre of Kemerovo, Russia

“ Blue Room” D. Hayr, Szena Molot, Perm, Russia

“ Yat” K. Fedorov, Alexandrnkij Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia


“ Light at the end ” S. Skologub, state theatre of Omsk, Russia

“ Tiramisù” O. Ovsyanko, Theatre of youth, Rostov on Don, Russia

“ Beautiful away” D. Prevalov, MDT Novoshahtinsk, Russia


“Nature Morte in the pit” By Fausto Paravidino, Etud-Theatre St.Petersburg , Russia

“ Love letters” A. R. Gurney, State theatre of Magadan, Russia


In her fourth year at the academy, she had a director stage in the play “Portrait in the Rain” by Lev Dodin, at the Maly Drama Theatre (Theatre of Europe) . In 2013, she was accepted into the SITI intensive training program in New York where she studied Suzuki and Viewpoints technique under the American theatre director, Anne Bogart.

Since 2013 she has participated in several directors’ laboratories all over Russia and staged performances in a various regional theaters.

2017 “ Shrewparticipate in off-program of “ Golden Mask” in Moscow.

She has performed in several productions at the “Etyud- Theatre.” For her performance in “ Demons”, she was nominated for “best actress” at Breakthrough Awards, at the same ceremony she received the young jury award for “best young actress” and she was also nominated for “the best actor in independent theatre” at the Golden Spotlight Awards.. She is currently acting in several arthouse films.

Directing works


” Travel-in-drama” adapted from” Little tragedies” A. Pushkin, State drama theatre, Kemerovo, Russia 

” Gardenia” Elżbieta Chowaniec, Volkov theatre, state Russian theatre, Yaroslavl.


“ My Psyche” Apuelio, Theatre on the Roof, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

” The singles” H. Levin, Notara theatre, Bucarest, Romania.

” The Confession” M. Gorky, Moscow art theatre, Russia.

” Children of children” initiative of festival ” I’m not alone”, Moscow art theatre, Russia.

” Blizzard” A. Pushkin, Pushkin drama theatre, Pskov, Russia.

” Shasa, take out the trash” N. Vorogbit, Invisible theatre, Sankt Petersburg, Russia.